It all started when…

Lachoix’s identity and concept is inspired by the typical masculine mocassin shape, with the aim to create a customisable and intemporal loafer with unique patterns and textures.

With its heart in Lisbon, the brand was born from the necessity to create a flat shoe concept. Comfortable and sophisticated, developed specifically for the charismatic women who seek for a timeless model, they represent the elegance of the Portuguese design.

The name Lachoix has its origins in the french word "choix” which translates to choice, selection, option - that goes right to the point and main purpose of the brand: offering multiple style options associated with the casual chic.

“Having an active lifestyle both in my private and professional life, I felt the necessity to design a shoe which would adapt to the way I face the everyday challenges, without losing its elegant, sophisticated and casual style. I feel pretty accomplished by the fact that now I have infinitive options for the modern women’s feet, designed specially with their needs in mind.” - Fátima Carvalho, founder.