Lachoix Studio

Lachoix Studio
LACHOIX STUDIO was created to be a place where we can work in new collections but also be with our clients making them fell part of our creative process and offering them a list of lifestyle brands and artists that they can also relate too and feel inspired by. With this space we intend to allow women to feel elegant and sophisticated in an easy and inspiring way, offering items that can be adapted to their busy everyday lives but also invite them to know new artists and designers, providing various types of workshops and events.


Would like to do a collaboration with Lachoix Studio?

You can contact us to:

  • Rent the work room for an event (dinner, workshop, etc)
  • Showcase your brand (subject to a commission for every sale made)

We will not remove Lachoix collection, so the brand / event will have to work in partnership with us. Events can happen at any day of the week but only in our “work room” (the curtains make it very private in case you want to).

Lachoix Studio