Our story


Lachoix was founded in 2018 by Fátima Carvalho, the name has a french accent but an 100% Portuguese DNA. The brand was born under Fatima´s necessity to find flat shoes as comfortable as sneakers but with a touch of elegance and style. The loafer was the first model created and it immediately became the core of the brand. After that all the models were designed with three important key concepts: quality, elegance and comfort.

At Lachoix we have a rigorous attention to the production process. We produce in limited quantities, slowing down the fashion cycle, the leathers and other materials come specially from Italy, but all the manufacturing takes place at the best shoemakers in Portugal, bring the best craftsmanship.

CEO Fátima Carvalho during the creative process at Lachoix Studio.

"Our shoes are designed to be worn from morning until evening. I want them to be the best friends of a contemporary women´s routine.", says Fátima.


Our Essentials Collection

Our Essentials are our core, where we focus all year to bring new shoes that are intemporal, comfortable but stylish. In this collection you will find shoes where timeless and fashion dance together. We product according with the demand we have and normally are available all year.

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